Monday, November 16, 2009

We're So Proud

Yesterday, Whitney went from laying on her stomach and rolling around to sitting upright all by herself. She did this two times and both times we missed seeing it happen - we just knew that she had been on her belly and that all of the sudden she was in a sitting position. Tonight we were playing in her room just before bed and she started squirming around and looking as though she might sit up all by herself. She did it and so I called to Mike and Anne to come see if she would do it again. She did it 3 or 4 times and then I went to get the camera - this is what we captured (it is a little long and she only sits up one time, at the beginning, just to let you know ahead of time if you decide to watch the video.)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Workin' Hard

Whitney has been working hard on getting up on her hands and knees. She first started getting up and rocking on her hands in knees in August (I believe it was late August) and she has been working hard on this skill and building strength to be able to hold herself up ever since. She seems to take each task or skill and work on it until she has it perfected before she moves onto the next step of the skill. She is now holding herself up on her hands and knees more often and for longer periods of time. It is so cute to see her really start rocking once she is on her hands and knees, like she is so proud of herself.

Our physical therapist, Miss Heather, had a baby in September and we had a great physical therapist, Miss Miranda, cover her maternity leave. We are happy to have Miss Heather back, but will miss Miss Miranda. We have been very lucky with our therapists, all of them are wonderful! Here are some pictures of Whitney working hard for Miss Miranda on her last PT session with us:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Las Vegas

Mike and I had the chance to get away for the weekend last weekend for a wedding in Las Vegas. It was the first time we had been away more than just a night out (which hasn't happened all too often, either) since before Whitney was born! One of Mike's best friends from growing up lives in Los Angeles and he and his new wife had their wedding at The Four Seasons at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. It was a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL wedding! They closed the pool at the Four Seasons at 4p.m. to set up for the wedding - it was an evening/night wedding outside by the pool. The ceremony was beautiful (can't think of another word to use), cocktails and appetizers were WONDERFUL and the dinner and dancing were so much fun! We are so happy we were able to go to the wedding and the added bonus was we had a weekend in Vegas at a BEAUTIFUL hotel with friends, great weather, dancing, laying by the pool, seeing some of the different casinos on "the strip", some cocktails and NO feeding anyone except ourselves, NO changing diapers, NO getting anyone ready for bed, NO messes to clean up, etc... Thank you Bonnie and Papi (Mike's parents, Lynne & Dan) for watching the girls for us (+ our dog Maddie, too!) We didn't worry a bit about them while we were gone and although we missed them, we had a GREAT time and it was a much needed break!!! Although, I did not feel like we had too much of a break after we proceeded to stay out until 6 a.m. Indy time (3 a.m. Vegas time) on Saturday night --- there is truly no way to have a concept of time in Las Vegas!!!! We knew it was time to go up to the hotel room when the dealer at the table where Mike was playing black jack told him 2 X, "Excuse me sir, I think you are falling asleep!" (probably not the best gambling strategy) :) Our flight didn't get in until about midnight Sunday night, so it was a week of trying to catch up on sleep and readjust to "regular life" :)

Here are a few pics from our trip and the wedding - we took some touristy pics to share with Anne (and Whitney when she is a little older and more interested in pictures)

in front of the Paris

inside the Bellagio
in front of New York New York
the Excalibur

The Luxor

the Four Seasons pool

the wedding (poolside)

view at the reception of the pool and head tables
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