Friday, September 24, 2010

bone marrow donor registry

I have been reading all too much recently about friends who we have met through our blog whose children are going through or have been through treatment for leukemia. One little girl, Lois has just relapsed 2 weeks after she finished 3 years of treatment for leukemia. She now needs a bone marrow transplant. To quote her mom, "I don't know the odds that a match for Lois will be found. But I know that Lois isn't the only child in this situation right now. And it's possible that YOUR bone marrow could save the life of a child like Lois. So I encourage you to visit and add yourself to the National Bone Marrow Registry."

I registered in October of last year (2009) to "be the match" and I hope someday I can donate my bone marrow to save someone's life. Please consider taking the steps to become a bone marrow donor.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

jumperoo take 2

this past weekend we decided to get whitney's jumperoo out of storage and see how she did in it. i think we put it away a few months after her first birthday so it is like it is brand new to her. when we had it before she was so tiny that even at the lowest setting for the seat her legs barely touched the ground - but she still had fun in it. now that whitney is taller she can reach the floor and really "stand" and "jump". i was thinking that it would be a good way to get her to "stand" and "bear weight" on her legs (with the added bonus of keeping her from going to unroll the toilet paper or empty all of the books off of shelves, out of baskets, and in general "cause trouble") :) Here are a few videos of her in her jumperoo in June of 2009 and now in September of 2010:

+ today I had the girls dressed alike and thought we would do a mini photo shoot: