Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Since my sister requested that I post a video of Whitney saying “hi” on the blog… here it is (said with her southern accent and all):

Also... please continue to keep Carly and her family in your thoughts and prayers! I just can't stop thinking about them!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

An Angel Too Soon!

I just started checking a few blogs for the first time all weekend and saw a post mentioning that Carly, a little girl who was only 8 years old passed away unexpectedly on Friday, April 23rd. I have been following this family's blog for quite a while now and reading this news is just devastating. Please keep the George family in your prayers. I cannot even imagine the shock and loss they are feeling right now!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to tell if someone is a boy

Mike was helping Anne get ready for bed and she was going to the bathroom. For some reason they were talking about how boys stand up and girls sit down to go to the bathroom. Anne informed Mike that he is a boy and that boys stand up to go to the bathroom. Mike was then teasing her and asking "Well then how do you know I am a boy?" --- Anne paused for a few seconds, put her hands into the air and said "because you don't have pretty clothes and you have a regular haircut." So... apparently the way you can tell someone is a boy is if their clothes are not pretty and their haircut is just "regular" :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

a learning experience?

So yesterday I went to get my hair cut while Anne was at school... after, Whitney and I went to have lunch together and I had a little bit of time before I had to pick up Anne from school so I decided to run into a shop to see if they had any cute dresses for a charity event we have coming up next weekend. I actually found quite a few cute dresses so I went to try them on. I had Whitney sitting in the front of the shopping cart and had nothing in the cart (except for Whitney) and was holding 7 dresses in my arms to try on. I went to the dressing room and the dressing room attendant very rudely informed me that I could not bring the cart in with me. I looked at her with a puzzled look and said, "what?" she pointed to a sign and said "can't bring the cart in here". I looked at Whitney then looked back and her and said that I would not be able to try the dresses on if I couldn't bring the cart in with me. She just looked at me with a dirty look and didn't say a thing in response. I then said to her that I had never been to a store where if the Handicap dressing room was open that they didn't allow me in with my child in the cart while I went in to try on clothes. (in fact, most times the attendants have been so nice and realize it is difficult with children and that keeping them in the shopping cart is one way to keep them "corralled" while trying on clothes so they usually go out of their way to say the handicap dressing room is open and to go ahead in there with the cart to try on.)
The woman then looked right at Whitney and then back at me and said "Oh, I didn't realize she was handicapped, go ahead." Writing it in the blog post doesn't do justice to the woman's attitude and way she treated me and the insensitive way she pointed out to me that Whitney was, in her view "handicapped" so then it was alright for me to go into the handicapped dressing room. I guess I was just taken aback by her demeanor and the way she called Whitney "handicapped" but it really took me by surprise and as I tried on the dresses I couldn't help but start to cry. This also surprised me because I do not easily cry! I guess in a way it broke my heart for Whitney to be judged and I was so happy that she had no clue the way the woman had just judged her, but I know that this will not be the only time something like this will happen. I guess in her 19 months of life we have been so lucky to not encounter really anything like this, most of the time people just smile and compliment us on how adorable whitney is, how beautiful her eyes are, how well she is doing (which we realize we are so lucky, especially considering how incredibly sick and barely hanging on to life she was in the beginning months of her life). It just took me by surprise and I do not consider Whitney "handicapped" and to have someone else judge her as handicapped and label her it just hurt me for my little girl.
I know that at some point in both of their lives both Whitney and Anne will have their feelings hurt and will encounter "mean people" but I wish as a parent I had a way to protect them from this. I have said to Mike so many times that I wish somehow I could keep Anne and Whitney from ever being 8th grade girls (after teaching middle-school Spanish, I have determined that from what I have observed that 8th grade seems to be one of the worst "mean girl" times in girls lives). Anyway... I know I have read other people's stories about encounters like this and I think that helped prepare me for an experience like this, but at the same time it still took me completely by surprise and will probably help me learn how to be stronger the next time something like this happens (hopefully the next time will not be for a very LONG time).

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!
Just have to end with some cute pictures of the girls (sorry, I can't help myself)


Monday, April 12, 2010

happy belated easter

i hope to find a little more time to sit down and write a post soon (I JUST finished our taxes, woo hoo!) but for now, i just wanted to wish everyone a happy belated easter and also say WELCOME SPRING!!! It feels so good to FINALLY have winter behind us! (I better watch what I say... just last week it dropped nearly 40 degrees within 2 days! but the weather is nice again...yeah!!!)

Also - if anyone has any tips for non-sedated ABRs (we have already done 3 of these hearing tests with whitney and have to do another one on April 29th) please share them!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lilybug Winner(s)!!!!!

Here is the video of Whitney drawing for the winner of the LilyBug Giveaway:

Whitney drew two names and narrowed it down to one winner, JenPhen. Whitney and I talked about it after she drew the name of the winner and we decided that since she drew two names, we would have two winners! The Elslagers was the other name drawn, so we will send them a LilyBug too! Could JenPhen and The Elslagers please leave a comment with your email address and I will get in touch with you to get your address so I can send you your LilyBug :) Congratulations!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Go Bulldogs!!!

4 weeks ago we were lucky enough to be invited by our very good friends, the Paynes, to the Butler semifinal game of the Horizon League Tournament. They played UW- Milwaukee and won 68 - 59. It was a great game! Anne and Mike sat with Eric & Colin in Eric's courtside/center court seats. Whitney and I sat with Leah, her father and aunt in good seats, as well (there is not a bad seat in Hinkle Fieldhouse, Butler's basketball arena). I could see from our seats that Anne was having the best time ever sitting courtside right in the middle of the action! She loved watching the players warming up, the cheerleaders and she even got to pet the Butler Bulldog as he walked by with his owner. She must have worn herself out because about halfway through the first half she was SOUND ASLEEP while the game and all of the action was going on right in front of her. It was a LOUD and EXCITING game and she slept through the entire rest of the game starting about halfway through the first half!!! We had so much fun and are so excited to see Butler playing in the Final Four just 5.2 miles down the road from their home court, Hinkle Fieldhouse.

Go Butler!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

watching the latest ella grace dance video

We showed the girls the latest Ella Grace dance video the other night just before bed. Their reactions while watching it were so cute I decided i needed to get the camera out to catch a video of them watching Ella Grace and her dance moves! Here is a little clip of them watching it for the second time... Ella Grace has some great dance moves and we love watching her videos :) Anne is a month older than Ella and thinks they are best friends just from seeing videos of her (even though we have never met Ella Grace or her family). Enjoy the video (and be sure to click on the "Ella Grace" link to see the actual dance video!

P.S. Don't forget to check out our LilyBug giveaway & leave a comment on the LilyBug Giveaway post if you or someone you know would like to have one!