Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cheer for Graham Rahal at the Indy 500

Graham Rahal of Rahal-Letterman racing has agreed to put the Down Syndrome Indiana logo on his car for the race tomorrow and the Bobby Rahal Foundation is going to make a donation to Down Syndrome Indiana for every lap Graham completes in the race tomorrow. To see pictures and read about the #30 car for tomorrow's race, click here.

Also... we went to the 500 Festival Parade today... I am hoping to post pictures from our day hopefully on Monday. Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

more prayers/positive thoughts please

another one of our blog friends, Presley (She is just about Whitney's age) lives in Texas and is in the hospital right now. She has pneumonia and is having trouble keeping her blood pressure and oxygen saturation levels where they should be/need to be! Please, if you could, take a couple of minutes and send some positive thoughts/prayers her way!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ABC program: What Would You Do?

I was putting away my Costco purchases tonight and had the tv on. A program on ABC caught my attention and my reaction caught me off guard. The program was "What Would You Do?". It brought me to tears to see the actors treating the clerk with Down syndrome like this, even though I knew they were acting! It just makes me sick to my stomach to see this kind of thing happen and to think that even though in this situation it was acting that there are times when actual people treat other people like this! Check out this link:

Monday, May 10, 2010

Prayers for Ella Grace

I just found out this weekend that a little girl who is about 5 months older than Whitney has been diagnosed with leukemia. We have been following her blog and have enjoyed getting to know this little monkey! She reminds me a lot of Whitney, a mind of her own and a super sweet smile!

She was admitted to the hospital this weekend and has already started chemo. I am asking for all of your thoughts and prayers for little Ella Grace and her family!!!! THANK YOU!!!