Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow Day

This past Friday, Anne, Whitney and I got all bundled up and went out to play in the snow. (As you can imagine, the actual bundling took longer than the time we were out playing) Whitney did not enjoy playing out in the snow last year (actually - she was just made to pose in pictures, she wasn't quite ready to 'play' in the snow yet at just 5 months old.) and I think this year, she pretty much had the same thoughts as last year on the whole idea of "playing in the snow"... Anne, on the other hand, LOVED the snow (last year and this year)!

Whitney and Anne last year (Jan. 2009)

January 2009

last year -2009

This year - January 2010

*We are starting to see this face more and more when Whitney doesn't want to do something :) Most of the time you would never imagine Whitney crying and making a face like this - but she does have a "streak" of willfulness in her!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our Little Christmas Crawler

Just before Christmas, on December 22, 2009 Whitney crawled for the first time!!! We were at my friend Jenni's house with our other friend Leah and all of our kids for a little playdate/Christmas get together. Jenni has three boys and they had a foam sword that was just out of Whitney's reach. Whitney must have been fascinated (we do not have any of these toys at our house) and decided this was worth crawling to go check out. She crawled about 4 paces and reached the sword. We all saw her and were so excited! Whitney was also proud of herself - she sat up and clapped for herself with a big smile on her face. Here is a video of Whitney crawling. She is also starting to get it when we say "How big is Whitney? So big!" Hopefully she will be signing more than "milk" and "doggie" soon :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The 12th Day of Christmas

Since today is officially the 12th day of Christmas, it is not too late (hopefully) to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010!!! :)(Whitney looks like she had a little too much champagne in celebration of the new year!) :)