Wednesday, March 21, 2012

happy world down syndrome day!!!

today is the first time the date 3/21 is recognized by the united nations officially as "world down syndrome day". the date, march 21st (3/21), represents the 3 copies of the 21st chromosome people with down syndrome have (aka designer "genes")
in honor of world down syndrome day, we made a donation to the adoption account for emily (

through the reece's rainbow adoption ministry. it breaks my heart that these children do not have families of their own and we would like to be part of the change and difference reece's rainbow is making in the lives of these orphans with down syndrome and other special needs throughout the world!
happy 3/21 :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

end the "r" word

I posted this on facebook today and wanted to "repost" here in case anyone did not see it on facebook.

Today is officially "spread the word to end the word" day - the "word" is "RETARDED". I am borrowing a quote that I have seen a couple of friends post about their children (hopefully that is ok with them) because I could not have worded it better myself. I am also including a link to a great blog post about the "r word"

"Do you love Whitney or have some sort of special attachment to her? If so,please keep in mind that the word RETARDED will be offensive to her as she grows older. And it is offensive to me, Michael Byron and her sister, Anne and to those around her that love her. Before Whitney was born, I too was probably guilty of using the word to reference stupid things I did. So I am not trying to judge you nor would I stop being your friend if you say it in front of me. My hope is simply to educate you to the fact that it is a hurtful thing to hear someone say. I literally cringe when I hear it now. So, for the sake of Whitney and all of her special friends, please think twice before jokingly using this word. Her self-confidence depends on it!!"