Monday, December 17, 2012

Whitney's BIG haircut (aka wrestling an alligator!)

Tonight we cut about 11 inches from Whitney’s hair. When she first was born, her hair was a reddish/blonde color and there seemed to be a lot more in the “mohawk area” than anywhere else. As it grew – the “mohawk” became more pronounced. As it grew some more, the original hair color started to look as though we were bleaching her roots- the hair that was growing in was BRIGHT blonde… and that is the color she still has! Whitney’s hair has also grown very quickly. She is taking after her big sister- Anne donated her hair in January 2011 when she was 4 1/2 yrs. old and Whitney is donating her hair in December 2012 when she is 4 1/3 yrs. old.

We did NOT take her to have her hair cut professionally because she can be VERY grumpy (understatement) when she feels her freedom is being restricted and she flings her head back and forth and all around – it would NOT be pretty!!! I attempted to cut her hair while we sat her on the kitchen table with her favorite person in the world, Rachel Coleman from Signing Time.

I divided her hair into two long braids. Cutting the first braid went great – the second one… she was grumpy and flung her head around in the middle of cutting… so the second cut went shorter on the left side of her head. This was the easy part – trying to even out her hair and make it look decent was like WRESTLING AN ALLIGATOR!!!! She was not a happy camper, to put it mildly, and it was scary for both of us trying to cut her hair with sharp scissors!!! Finally- I had to give up and just go with “doing the best I could”… all things considered – I think it turned out pretty cute :)  It could definitely use some work and fine tuning, but Whitney is NOT going to allow that (not in a million years) – so I just have to give up and be happy with how it looks for now. Here are some pics of the big event: