Sunday, November 23, 2008


Anne's first braids 11-2008
Whitney in her "Born to Rock" pebbles t-shirt from Christie & Brad

Mike chiming in here. Whitney is now 9 pounds, 8 ounces and has one week and one day until her open hea
rt surgery. The latest with Anne is that Laura gave her "nursemaid's elbow." Apparently, Anne wasn't listening to Laura, Laura grabbed onto her arm, Anne resisted and pulled back and her elbow came out of socket. It is actually pretty common with little kids. Laura had to take Anne to the pediatrician to get her elbow put back into place. Contrary to what Anne believes, she is just fine. It truly is not a big deal at all. When I got home, I asked Anne what happened and her response, dripping with drama and insistence that she did nothing wrong, was "Mama did it. Mama hurt my elbow!" You would have thought I needed to get Child Protective Services over here to protect Anne from the 'abuse' her mother inflicted upon her. She can be quite the drama queen, and nothing could ever possibly be Anne's fault. As for Whitney, she is still on several medications, notably Prilosec for her acid reflux, Captopril to help with her breathing and Lasix and Aldactone to help with her heart. She takes all of these meds at once in the a.m., Captopril again around mid-day, and three of the four meds again in the p.m. You have to give her her medicine in these tiny syringes that go into her NG tube. When you lay them all out just before you insert them into her NG tube, it looks like Whitney is 'getting her fix on.' I like to joke with Whitney that "it's time to chase the dragon Whitney," or "it's time for your 8-ball sweety." I don't think Laura finds my reference to using illicit narcotics very funny. But, to each his own. I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving coming up. I look forward to seeing friends, family, eating a lot and watching the Detroit Lions get throttled again, just like every year. Anne is getting excited to see her cousins Grace and Julia, and her aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Have a good week everyone!


Ellen said...

I'm sorry, but I find the drug references hilarious. I laughed out loud while I was reading your post.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Craig D. Byron said...


I think you need to Netflix an old Markie Post made for TV movie on Lifetime called "Chasing the Dragon". It's a total classic.

Looking forward to seeing you guys on Wed.


Kate (Embarrassment of Riches) said...

Mike, I had to chuckle at your drug references too. It's like you're living at the Cobain household or something.

I have my fingers and toes crossed for your family as Whitney's surgery approaches! Have a happy Thanksgiving. I hope Laura gets her special mac and cheese casserole (is that a Thanksgiving thing for her or just a birthday thing?).

Love Kate, Shawn, Chloe, and the cats

Jill said...

I love the blog. I'm a friend of Laura's from playgroup. We are in a similar situation--twin boys at 26 weeks--2 surgeries each. I think about your family everyday & can't wait until the day our little ones can play together. Happy Thanksgiving, Jill Lipnik (Ella, Ethan, & Evan's Mom)

Karen said...

I received an email today to be praying for your daughter. The email came from a friend of a friend of a friend. I want you to know that Whitney and your whole family will be in my prayers. I can totally relate when you said that you were both looking forward to and dreading the upcoming surgery.

My two year old daughter has several heart defects (tricuspid atresia, transposition and dextrocardia - basically she has half of a heart and it is backwards). She has had two open heart surgeries and will be having her third in the next month or so. She also takes aldactone and she takes enalapril and a baby aspirin. She used to take Lasix as well.

I know the fears and worries you must be having as well as the hope for a quick recovery and to move on with life. I will certainly be praying for you all and following Whitney's progress.

Karen Haury