Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Bugaboo Shoes (1/2 off until Oct. 15th)

I have had some questions about what size I ordered for Whitney to fit with her Sure Steps - so I thought just in case anyone was wanting to order the Bugaboo Shoes ( but not sure what to do about sizing I thought I would share what sizes we have for Whitney and Anne and their measurements.
On the website, there is a list of sizes with the length of the shoe given in inches. Whitney is currently wearing a size 3 (5 inches) with her sure steps and this is a perfect fit!!! Whitney would most likely wear a size 2 without sure steps (she still fits into a cute pair of baby crib shoes from gap that are labeled size 6-12 months!) and her foot measures 4 inches almost exactly. So for her, the 3s were big when we got them, even with the sure steps but now they fit perfectly. I have also ordered 2 pairs of size 4s but they are still too big even with her sure steps. I couldn't help myself - I also ordered a pair of size 5s for when her feet grow even more - how could I pass up 1/2 off. By the way - the code for 1/2 off is SALE and the sale ends on October 15th!
If you are thinking about ordering any Bugaboos for your older children - Anne is 4 years old and we have two pair of size 9s. According to the size list a 9 is 7 1/2 inches long. Anne's foot measures just over 6 inches (almost 6 1/4 inches) - so with socks a 9 fits with a little bit of room to grow. I also ordered a size 10 but it is way too big at this point in time - hopefully in the spring they will fit :) Hope this helps!!!

anne's new size 10 bugaboos

size 3 Piper next to size 4 Piper

size 10 Paulie Ann next to size 9 Paulie Ann

Anne's foot next to size 9 Paulie Ann

Anne's foot measures about 6 1/4 inches

Whitney in her Sure Steps with her new size 3 Piper shoes

Whitney in her Sure Steps with her size 3 Camille shoes (can you tell she has worn these a lot?!?)

Whitney with her Sure Steps

Whitney's size 6-12 month "crib shoes" that still fit!

I love these little tootsies!

Whitney's foot measures 4 inches long
Our Bugaboo Collection :)


ch said...

We got LC's on Saturday...right in time for her birthday. I was actually shocked at how quickly they shipped out.

I do think they run larger than some of our other brands, but I can see from the construction how they'd be ideal for wear with orthepedics in there. (LC doesn't wear them, and she still wears a 6-12 month crib shoe, too!) We got LC a pair of 4's but I doubt she'll grow into them this year. Oh, well...guess I'll have to go nab some 3's...:0) Thanks again for the tip!

Adrienne said...

Adorable shoes!! Bennett has tiny little feet too- so cute!

Denise said...

I think you have started a new addiction for me...thank you very much!! I can't tell for sure but are those ones that you have in two sizes, black and pink or brown and pink. I am thinking black but can't tell for sure. I LOVE THEM!!! And in answer to your question, I couldn't believe how fast they arrived. I ordered them the day you did your first post about them which I think was Wed. and I had them by Sat. I was amazed!!!

To Love Endlessly said...

Thanks so much for the advice. M is forever in her Stride Rite tennis shoes. It'll be nice to get her in some cutesy girly shoes that will fit with her Sure Steps. Thanks so much for all the info and for letting us know they're on sale. Makes the deal even sweeter. And both your girls are gorgeous! ;-)

Melissa said...

I've never been much of a shoe person, but CLaire and these shoes might change all that. I just love them!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the additional post:) I was just about to ask what the measurement of Whitney's foot was for comparison...since they don't have the size two sizing on there. Aubrey is exactly 4" too, so I went with the three instead of two. Can't wait to get them:)

Lyn said...

Megs shoes came today!! Love, love, LOVE them! I ordered the Camille style in both black and pink. They fit great with her orthotics and look so cute on. Thanks again for this suggestion. They should give you some free shoes for all the referrals!

kathy.stadler said...

That is amazing pictures of the girls and their pretty shoes!
Both Anne and Whitney look charming!
God bless all. Love, Aunt Kathy

The As said...

Anne & Whitney are the perfect sales-girls... I couldn't pass up 50% off on such cute shoes - can't wait to see them!

Kat said...

I'm curious as to the the sure steps Whitney has. I only bring it up because we have had those same exact sure steps for over 6 months and I never felt they did anything for her but the ortho and PT kept telling me otherwise. Finally I got a little demanding, okay REALLY demanding and vocal, because I noticed that when Madison was walking her leg seemed to be a little off. I wish I could explain better but I couldn't put it into words, I would walk behind Madison and watch her leg and could tell that something wasn't right. When her PT and ortho brushed me off I told them I'd get a second opinion and started calling around and thats when they took me seriously and watched Madi walk and saw that in fact the braces she had weren't appropriate and she needed some higher ones that wouild give her more stability. We have an appt next week to get a cast of her legs to make the braces. I also had an issue because even though they measured the length of her foot the ankle sure steps seemed to be a "one size fits all" regarding the shape and the top squeezed the top of her foot a lot. Hopefully thats not the case with Whitney and of course every issue for the sure steps could be different I just thought I'd share that with you in case you in counter the same issues as I have.