Thursday, February 9, 2012

whitney is testing her limits with the cat

we are watching my parents cat, bella, and the girls are having lots of fun while she is living with us. whitney has not quite figured out (or maybe she has) that she needs to be gentle with the cat. the cat is very patient with whitney, overall… here is a little video of the girls and bella:


Becca said...

Hilarious!!! You've got a patient cat, there. Mine would have taken off immediately. LOL I loved the hug between your girls!! So sweet.

Rochelle said...

I love how Anne goes in to protect Whit! Sweet!

kathy.stadler said...

That was so sweet of Anne to put her arms around Whitney to protect her.
Cute video.
God bless all. Love,
Aunt kathy

Unknown said...

Great video!! Love the "big sister" protection Anne has for Whitney! Awesome!!

Cindy said...

Such a great cat! She's setting her boundries but also trying to be gentle with the girls. I loved the way Anne protected Whitney!