Saturday, August 1, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Our laptop has been dying a slow death for quite a few months now. The part where the ac power adapter plugs into the computer has become loose and it will not hold a charge, not only that, but if you happen to bump the computer, the cord, or the table the laptop is sitting on, it will shut down suddenly and then it takes FOREVER to start back up! In addition to the power issue, there is 0% free space left on the c drive which explains why everything takes forever to come up and the computer is running like we have dial up service and it is from 1987. I finally took it to a computer repair place this past Tuesday because I would go days and sometimes weeks before turning on the computer because it was just too frustrating to deal with. They confirmed that the ac power adapter issue was going to be too labor intensive to make it worth fixing and that we would likely be better off buying a new laptop. This is frustrating, because our computer was new in the spring of 2006 - so it really wasn't too old yet and this is NOT a purchase we wanted to make. Unfortunately, a computer has become a necessity rather than a luxury, so we found a laptop we like and bought it. I took it to the computer place on Thursday for them to transfer everything from our old laptop for us... I got a phone call on Friday saying it will be Monday at the earliest before it is ready for me to pick up. I am at my parents right now and thought I would post a blog entry about our "technical difficulties". I am considering "quitting" email. I cannot even imagine what my inbox looks like at this point.

Whitney and Anne are both doing well. My mom is MUCH better and is feeling more herself every day! We celebrated Anne's 3rd bday on July 16th. We also went to a very fun family reunion at the Indiana Dunes on July 11th - it was great to see all of the "O'Grady" cousins :)

While I have the chance, I would like to ask for prayers for my friend Mallory's Dad. He had surgery this past Wednesday and they are waiting for a path report back from the IU med center about his biopsy. Any and all prayers will help, they definitely made a difference for Whitney and for my mom!

More to come when we have our new, operable laptop!


kathy.stadler said...

We will pray for Mallory's Dad.
Jesus is the Greatest Healer.
Glad Anne and Whitney are doing
well and your Mother
wonderful and thankful...
Sorry about your computer.
Enjoy your visit with your Mother.
Give her our best.
God bless all. Love, Aunt Kathy

Hua said...


Grr I hate computer troubles. Once of the most frustrating things. Glad your mom is feeling better!

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