Monday, September 14, 2009

Longing for vacation

Mike chiming in here......We're back from our Florida vacation. One full week in Daytona Beach, Florida and it was awesome. No, no, no, not the MTV, binge drinking, crammed bars, no sleep Daytona Beach trip, but the kids, the pool, the beach, sand castles, looking for seashells, being lazy kind of trip. Both girls did very well on the drive down. 19 hour drive down and 16 hours back.

In Daytona Beach we stayed with our good friends the Friedmans at their plush condo. They have two boys around Anne and Whitney's age, Carter and Tyler. All the kids got along well and we had a great time. It was the first week long vacation we took since before Whitney was born! It was nice to get away from home, work, doctors, therapies (for Laura and Whitney's sake) and to just sit around the pool and the beach for a week. The girls loved it!

Here is our rowdy Daytona crew above.

Since we've been back, Anne informed me this a.m. that she wanted her sucker after breakfast (we bought her a HUGE sucker in Daytona and she brought it home - see below). I informed her that her sucker "was only for vacation," to which she replied, "I want to go back to vacation." I shot back with "Yeah, I hear ya, but that sucker is only for Florida." she then replied, "I want to go back to Florida." If only it were that easy Anne. So we're trying to get back in the swing of things and get on with our lives and out of la-dee-da vacation mode. Whitney starts her therapies back up tomorrow and Anne goes back to school.

We also got to see my brother and sister-in-law and our nieces, Julia and Grace, for one night on the way down in Macon, Georgia, where they live and my brother is a professor at Mercer University. Four girls together......a lot of action for one night, and it was great to see everyone. Notice Whitney below surrounded by two costumed Ariels and a Tinkerbell.


Jill said...

Glad to hear you guys had a great time on vacation! Good luck getting back into your routine.

Adrienne said...

We need a vacation after all that went on this summer! Looks like you guys had fun! Love the new background!

Anonymous said...

So happy you had a great vacation!
You deserved a break..hoping you
have some more great breaks..
God bless all. Love, Aunt Kathy

Kacey Bode said...

Looks like you guys had fun!! I'm finally catching up on everyone's blogs, it's been a busy summer! Whitney looks so much bigger, and her hair looks so much lighter! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Anne and Whitney a few posts down where they are looking at eachother and smiling, I have one of Hunter and Ella at about the same ages doing the same and it is my FAVORITE!! So CUTE!!