Tuesday, February 9, 2010

great face lotion!

I just have to share about a great face lotion I have found! My sister started dating a guy named Josh this summer. Josh grew up in Aruba and now lives here in Indianapolis (with about 6 inches of snow on the ground and 4-8 more inches on the way right now, I bet he wonders what in the world he is doing in Indiana!!!!!) I, unfortunately, have not been lucky enough to go to Aruba, so I would have never known about sunscreen and lotion products made by a company called Aruba Aloe, but as it turns out, Josh's family bought this company about ten years ago and they have expanded from only selling their products in Aruba, to now selling via the internet worldwide! Josh manages the internet sales. I wanted to try some of the products and Josh was nice enough to create a 15% off code for me when I placed my order. I ordered some face cream, hand lotion and face lotion to try. I love all of the products I have tried, but so far, I think my favorite might be the Desert Bloom Face Care Lotion. It comes with 8 oz. compared to many face lotions which come with only 2 oz. or less and cost quite a bit of money. (I am VERY into products and LOVE LOVE LOVE to shop at Sephora, so I have tried quite a few face creams and lotions and have never been able to buy a face lotion I love that comes in an 8 oz bottle!)
Whitney and Anne both have dry skin due to the dry winter air, but poor Whitney's cheeks have become VERY chapped, even though I have been putting all kinds of moisturizers on her cheeks multiple times throughout the day. I just got this new lotion in the mail last week and thought maybe I should try it out on Whitney's cheeks - guess what, they have dramatically improved. I LOVE this lotion and just thought I would share in case anyone else out there is looking for a good deal on a great face lotion. I called Josh this morning to see if I could share the 15% discount code with my friends and family and he said I could go ahead and share it - so, if you are interested in trying it out... go to http://www.arubaaloe.com/ and type in the discount code SNOWDAY15 to get 15% off your total purchase. I can't wait for warm, sunny weather so I can try out the sunscreens!!! My sister, Melissa, who is fair skinned went to Aruba with Josh for New Year's (and she ALWAYS manages to get sunburned any time we go on vacation) and she said for once she did not get sunburned!!! (Josh gave her Aruba Aloe sunscreen while she was there) Now I just have to convince Mike that we need to go to Aruba... I NEED some sunshine and warm weather - I am SO over winter!!!! :) I hope everyone who is covered in snow is managing to stay warm! Spring is just about 40 days away... hopefully we will see some glimpses of spring soon!


Lacey said...

Ohh I might have to check this out, we have extremely dry skin in our house!

Kelli said...

We are also covered in snow and can't wait for spring. The boots, hats, and gloves I am ready to pack them all up.

Kele said...

Thanks for sharing! Presley's cheeks get so chapped this time of year, so I appreciate the recommendation!