Sunday, May 3, 2009

I can barely walk today

Yesterday was the Indianapolis mini-marathon. It is a fun event that kicks off the month of May in Indianapolis - culminating with the Indianapolis 500 race on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. This was my 9th Indy mini race (although in 2006 and 2008 I opted for the 5K race since I was pregnant with Anne ('06) and Whitney ('08). Mike has run the mini with me a few times, but this year he decided the 5K was for him. I was waivering between the 5K and the mini because I have not been running regularly AT ALL - and before yesterday, I had not run in 2 weeks!!! I decided to just give it a try and see how it would go. I was feeling great until between mile 9 and 10... that is when my legs started to give out and they had to be wondering, "What the heck are you doing to me???!!!" I made it through and ran the entire way. It was my slowest time for the race, but given my lack of training I wasn't too upset - I am just happy I made it (running the whole time) :)

On Thursday we had an appointment with a pediatric opthalmologist for Whitney. This was our BEST doctor appointment yet - the doctor was very happy with Whitney's eyes and she even told me, if she could read the chart she would be 20/20! YEAH!!! We do not go back to the opthalmologist until October... it is nice to have a great doctor, but even better that we do not have to see her very often :)

It was especially nice to have a good doctor appt on Thursday because on Monday we had to make an unexpected visit to the cardiologist. When Whitney woke up on Sunday morning (a week ago) I went to take off her pajamas and change her and my jaw dropped when I saw her chest. It went from looking like "Whitney's chest" which meant her chest was somewhat bowed out to looking concave and not at all "normal" for Whitney!!! I did not take her to the emergency room and tried not to panic because she was still all smiles, eating normally, and acting fine, but something was definitely not quite right. I called and talked to the heart surgeon's nurse practitioner first thing Monday morning and she was able to hear Whitney cough (she has had a cough for about a month that is just not going away) + from what I was telling her about her chest, she said we need to get in to see either the cardiologist or pulmonologist to be seen right away. So - we were able to see the cardiologist on Monday. He examined her and did a heart echo and reassured me that everything appeared to be alright with her heart, but he did say that the "retracting" of her chest when she inhales and the appearance of her chest is related to a change in her breathing. He said for whatever reason, she is laboring more to breathe and that is why her chest is retracting when she inhales. He advised me that we definitely need to see the pulmonologist to find out what is going on with her breathing. I explained that we already have our 3 month check up set up with the pulmonologist for this coming Tuesday (May 5th). He said he thought we could wait until then for Whitney to be seen and that he would send over his notes from Monday's exam to the pulmonologist. So... hopefully we will have a good appt and get to the bottom of this new, labored breathing on Tuesday!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!! Here is a funny picture of Whitney wearing Anne's sunglasses after her eye dr. appt. The doctor said she has paper/disposable glasses for kids to wear after their eyes are dilated but that at Whitney's age she would most likely eat them - so if I had any kid glasses in the car, to just have her wear those... here is Whitney in her diva sunglasses :) (it cracked me up all afternoon to look at her in her sunglasses)


Anonymous said...

The girls look great!! I watched the vid of Anne singing the IU fight's darling..I'm sending you via snail mail an article that was in today's CA about a DS adult in Memphis.........I think you'll find it heart warming and encouraging.......Love to all,Marge and Jim McCauley

Laurie said...

i absolutely LOVE that picture!! she is too cute : )

glad the eye appt. went well. def. keep us posted about the appt. on tuesday. i'll be thinking of you guys...

oh - i would DIE if i tried to run ONE mile these days. scary to think that i actually ran a full marathon back in the day, haha : )

Ellen said...

Congrats, Tia Laura!!

Whitney looks awesome as usual.

My name is Sarah said...

Oh I LOVE the sunglasses. Good job with the marathon.

Adrienne said...

She is looking very "diva like" in her glasses!

I so can't wait to start running again soon-good job finishing the race!

Hope everything goes well on Tuesday!

kathy.stadler said...

Congratulations on finishing the
race! Wow! You have endurance!

Whitney looks so swav, so
darling in the sunglasses!
Let us know about Tues. appt.
God bless all. Love,
Aunt Kathy

Rebecca said...

Wow, congrats on finishing the Mini! That's quite an accomplishment!

Glad to hear that Whitney's eyes are great. Good luck tomorrow with the pulmonologist. I love the sunglasses. Jessi would approve!

Unknown said...

What a great shot! I love the Diva look (and the good news)!

Good luck tomorrow... with the appointment and the walking. You are amazing!!

LOL to all -

Michelle said...

Congrats on finishing the race! Yay for a good check up with the opthamologist too; that's always a relief.
How scary to have the unexpected cardio visit though. I hope you get some answers from the pulmonologist and it isn't anything serious!

Michelle said...

I forgot to say how absolutely adorable Whitney is in those shades!