Thursday, May 14, 2009

not quite julie andrews

I LOVE the movie The Sound of Music. Lucky for me, Anne is really starting to love it too! Mike is opposed to musicals, but I do not think he minds this one so much. I love on the DVD how you can choose "songs only" and "play all" and it plays every scene from the movie with singing. This is a much more toddler-friendly way to watch this movie. Anne loves to sing - and recently, in addition to the IU fight song, she sings Do-Re-Mi quite often. She was singing it at dinner tonight and we thought it would be fun to share it on the blog :)

It was also Anne's last day of school - I can't believe she has completed her first year of pre-school! Here are a couple of pics from her last day of school (thank you Mrs. Pugh for making this such a special and memorable first year of school for Anne!!!) + I also took a few pictures after recording Anne singing - here they are...


The Sanchez Family said...

OMG!!! Such cute pictures!!! Guess what? Sound of Music is my husband's most favorite movie/musical of all time. We haven't watched it lately but he LOVES it! I've got to get him the DVD...great way for the kids to learn the songs, I love it!

Sharon said...


kathy.stadler said...

Congratulations Anne!
You sound wonderful!
I have taught that song, Do Re Mi,
to Laura & Liam..they can join you
in singing..
The Sound of Music is my favorite
movie also!
What fun!
Thanks. God bless all.
Love, Aunt Kathy

Jarka said...

cute photos :) I love love love them!!! :) thanks for sharing :)

Monica Crumley said...

So cute! I love Anne's little voice and the way she moves while she's singing. We LOVE S.O.M, too. Whitney has a beautiful smile and lovely eyes. Thanks for sharing.

Ellen said...

Stop Growing Girls! It's been too long since we've seen you! Julia wants to watch cousin Anne again and again and again (her words).

Unknown said...

I like the Sound of Music song WAY better than the IU fight song!
auntie beth

Kelli said...

Your girls are beautiful! Anne singing is so darn cute.