Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm not a saint, just a parent

I read this article today (I found it posted on Brennan's Beginnings blog) and REALLY liked it! It is an article by the "chief sports writer" for The Times in the UK about life with his son Eddie, who has Down syndrome. If you have a minute, you might read it - he has a really good perspective about being a parent! Here is the link to the article: I'm not a saint, just a parent.


Adrienne said...

Awesome article!

kathy.stadler said...

That article was fantastic!
Yes, first of all the child
is a Person and the Personality
is priceless!
Thanks for sharing this article.
God bless all. Love, Aunt Kathy

The Sanchez Family said...

Love it!

mama T said...

Great article. i passed it on to my Heidi, LOVE LOVE LOVE cuz'n T