Monday, December 14, 2009

Rudolph-the-red-nosed Reindeer is sick

Today Mike and I planned to meet during his lunch hour at the mall with Anne and Whitney to see Santa and get their picture taken with him. I got the girls all dressed up and did their hair and we headed out to see Daddy and Santa. I even checked online to see when Santa takes his "break" so we wouldn't get there during his break and have to wait with a three-year-old and 15-month-old. Mike got there before us and called me on my cell as I was in the parking lot to tell me there is no one there --- the chair, tree, set-up, etc... is there, but no santa and no photographer. I thought "that's odd" - I even told Mike how I had checked to see when his break is, maybe he had to go to the bathroom and couldn't wait??? I then found a place to park, got the girls out of the car and headed into the mall. Mike met us at the entrance and told me that Rudolph is sick and Santa had to stay home to take care of him. I said, "very funny!", he said, "I'm serious" - apparently there is a sign near where the photographer is normally set up stating, "Sorry folks, Rudolph is sick. Santa is taking care of him. He will be back tomorrow." Mike is convinced that Santa had a little too much fun at the Indianapolis Colts football game yesterday and just couldn't make it in to work today to take pictures with little kids and find out what they want for Christmas. We decided since the set was there and Santa's chair was available that we were going to at least take a few pictures of our own with the girls all dressed up. Here are a few of the pics (minus Santa and Rudolph):


The Sanchez Family said...

Those are the cutest darn girls!!!

Sasha@ Blyssfulhealth said...

I can't believe it. Santa was sick. They should have a back up. Anyways the pics look great with the girls all dressed up and the decorations in the back. Love their outfits.

Jill said...

Too cute!! That's one big chair!

Kele said...

Don't mean to poke fun at your misfortune, but that is hysterical!
But I'm with Mike, surely there is more to the story and Santa is just making Rudolph the fall guy!
You got some cute pics tho, but that isn't too hard to do with your precious ones!

Sharon said...

Oh my gosh! How frustrating to get everyone dressed and ready only to find Santa and Rudolph took a sick day! Either way, the pictures are adorable!

kathy.stadler said...

You are amazingly flexible
and brilliant!
How smart of you to use the chair and
take pictures! You made lemonade out of lemons..and it turned out
Those dresses are beautiful on
your beautiful Girls!
Merry Christmas. God bless all.
Love, Aunt Kathy

Ellen said...

You still got some super cute pictures. I think Santa and Rudolph were nursing hangovers.

Anonymous said...

How frustrating! Ditto to mike's comment! The girls and family pictures are so adorable! Love Anne's dress! Whitney does not seem too upset! Beautiful girls!!!

Jen Gribble said...

Just adorable! No other words for these photos!!

Michelle said...

what pretty dresses! Great idea to take advantage of the set up :)