Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 2, A Crazy Day!

It is about 8pm on Tuesday night and this is the first chance I have had to sit down and write. I am in Whitney's room right now and she is doing well but also having some challenges. She gets agitated each time the sedation wears off and she seems to be in pain and also bothered by the breathing tube. Luckily they have been giving her a good amount of pain medicine to keep her calm and feeling alright. Her blood pressure has been running low but they have given her calcium and blood to help and she seems to feel better after they do this. Overall, Whitney is strong and continues to amaze us!

OK - the real reason and now reasons why this is a crazy day. This morning around 6:30 a.m. I woke up and was very tired and wandered out to the kitchen. I started a 2 week round of Reglan last week to help increase my milk supply because Whitney cannot tolerate formula and I did not want to run the chance of not making enough milk to keep up with her. I have to take 3 pills spread out throughout the day and forgot to take these with me yesterday, so I did not want to forget today. I picked up a pill bottle off of the counter and took a pill then as soon as I swallowed I realized I forgot to look to see what I was taking. I picked up the bottle and soon realized I accidentally took Maddie's (our dog) Xanax. [Maddie is on Xanax for her "anxiety" or "issues". She really is the sweetest dog in the world but has an issue with licking her paws obsessively and also getting OVERLY EXCITED when people come over to visit, bring meals or help take care of Anne & Whitney. She is the best dog with our family but seems beside herself when it comes to other people. ] Anyway... about 20 minutes after I took the Xanax I became VERY tired and basically passed out. Mike said he was talking to me and it was like I was very drunk. I went into bed to sleep for a little bit and a couple of hours later Mike said he was going to go ahead to Riley without me. I do remember this conversation and saying that I wanted to go with him, but I was so out of it still that Mike said I had to stay here and my mom could come down from Lafayette to pick me up after picking up Anne and drive me down to Riley (since I should not be driving in my "drunken" Xanax state.) Around noon I was still feeling a little out of it and continued to feel out of it until about 3 or 4 this afternoon. Needless to say, I will be keeping Maddie's anti-anxiety medicine in a separate spot from the Reglan from now on. Luckily, I did not give Maddie the Reglan, so she is NOT lactating, I think we would be a little crazy at this point if I was on her drugs and she was all of the sudden trying to nurse anne's dolls.

More craziness... we are here at Riley and about 5 or 5:30p.m. Mike went to go find the Jeep in the parking garage to move it to a spot where I would be able to find it when I left later tonight after he was going to go home with my mom since he had been here all day. Mike had been gone for a long time and I was really starting to wonder where he had gone. Finally, he called and said he didn't know what had happened but that the car was missing.

OK, Mike now chiming in here:

After several laps walking around the parking garage by my lonesome, every floor, in the freezing cold, I thought I was going insane, I gave up and called security. After waiting for security for 20 more minutes 'John' from IUPUI Department of Parking showed up. John was very nice and drove me around to see if they could find our car and confirm that I was not crazy or losing my mind. After we found no car, we both gave up and John called in to his boss to see if the car had been towed. It was then confirmed that the car had indeed been towed!

At this time, I swear that I have 'no idea' why they towed the car. The story continues....I go back to The IUPUI Parking Department and I am told that the car was towed because "it was leaking gas." HUH? I was told the car was at Delaware and South parking garage next to Conseco Fieldouse (about 2 miles from Riley hospital). Not having a car, because it had been towed, I pleaded for a ride there from my new friend John. John drives me over to the Delaware and South tow yard and drops me off.

I go to open the door to the office to get my car. It is locked and no one is there. I call the number on the door and am told that "someone will be there in 20 minutes. Just hang out on the street." I hang out for 10 minutes in the freezing cold, and a guy appears at the door, lets me in and asks "where's your release from IUPUI to release the car?" Again, "HUH? Release, I don't know what you are talking about." I am then told "I can't release your car unless the university authorizes me to do so with a written release." I have no release. I have no car. I have no clue what is going on here at this point. I plead and beg the tow guy for a break..."hey man, my daughter is at Riley, I know nothing about any release, or IUPUI, etc., etc." Thankfully, the tow guy, Chirs, next says, "Look, my daughter was once at Riley, we'll cut you break....I've been in your shoes, I'll drive you over to get your release and we'll come back to get your car out."

"Thank you, oh god, thank you, please end this mass confusion, I'm freezing out here!"

Next, we head back to the IUPUI police department to get the release in Chris' tow truck. Guess what ? IUPUI PD is closed, lights off, doors locked. At this point my only thought is "Thank god I don't carry firearms or knives!" Chris, the tow guy, my new friend, says to me...."Hey, since you're at Riley, like I was (his daughter spent 8 months at Riley going through chemotherapy for her Leukemia when she was three years old), I'm going to cut you a break, we're going to get your car out without a release.....screw those IUPUI nazis (his words, not mine). Otherwise you would have to wait unitl tomorrow for the release to get your car out."

'Chris the tow guy' is my new hero/best friend.

Chris tells me how he has been shot at, been in fist fights, arguments, threatened, all while towing people's cars. Interesting guy... my new best friend Chris.

We end up back at the tow yard again. Chirs is nice enough to look over my car and says " I don't see gas, smell gas or see anything wrong with your car. That's b.s. those IUPUI guys towed your car for no reason." Did I forget to mention that Chris is my new best friend? So I grudgingly pay $50 to get my car out and come back to the hospital to get Laura and GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE 4 HOURS LATER! Long day, crazy day, all is good with Whitney....that's what really matters. Chris the tow guy for mayor!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh you two! What a terrible day. I was laughing out loud as I read it. - laughing with you, not at you. :) Glad to hear that Whitney is doing so well after all she's been through...now we just need to make sure you guys make it through. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Michael and Laura,
OH I am so very sorry for all
the awful stuff you went through..
someone needs to talk to whoever
took your car...WHAT JERKS..HOW
Glad Whitney is ok and pray you
both have a better day...
Love you all. God bless you.
Love, Aunt Kathy

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, God has a way of keeping us humble....I'm so happy to hear Whitney is doing great. Laura I'm glad that you got a little rest....I'm sure you needed it, just a funny way to get it. Mike I'm glad you have some new friends...ohhh my....
Praying that you have a calm, uneventful, peaceful day and Whitney continues to heal and progress. Sending Hugs!! Paula and John

Anonymous said...

Michael and Laura,
Yes, I do hope Laura has a better
day today also..take care of yourself.
And hope No one takes your care..Yikes!
And I am wondering..do you need
meals delivered?
Do you need help with Anne?
Please let me know.
414 1089 cell or home 844 0262.
Praying and thinking of you all.
God bless you. Love, Aunt Kathy

Anonymous said...

Mike and Laura, I am so glad that the two of you could find humor in yesterday's blunders. You could certainly use your series of blogs to write a wonderful book someday, entitled "Anne and Whitney: Up, Down, and All Around."
sending more prayers to Whitney.
Love, Cary

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that Whitney is still doing well. As for your day . . .well hearing about it was fabulous. It sounds like you guys have what my sister and I refer to as "Jewell luck". Perhaps it comes more from the Doyle side . . .:) Hang in there, much love-Kara

Rebecca said...

Wow Laura, I was hoping you guys were getting some rest, but not that way :). Glad that it wore off and you're feeling better. Sorry to hear about the IUPUI parking Gestapo. I don't know why they are so awful (they were that way when I worked at University Hospital 5 years ago!). It's good to have a friend in Chris the Tow Man.

I'm sorry Whitney is uncomfortable with the breathing tube :(. Luckily sedation kicks in and wears off quickly so she won't remember the discomfort. Maybe you can tell her the story of the car being towed to bring up her blood pressure :). Hang in there!!

RDKLEIN said...

I laughed... I cried...that post was better than CATS!

Clearly- you are keeping your sense of humor. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh of the day- sorry it is at your expenses. Trying to get the picture out of my head of Laura "relaxed" on Zanax and Maddie breast feeding! Laura I know you need sleep but really....
I am also really peeved at the towing for a quick buck. I am glad you had some break with the two that helped- But as Mike said- Most important that Whitney feels comfortable and gets home soon.
Prayers for easier , less complicated days for you two!

Anonymous said...

Oh my. What a day yesterday. Someday you will look back and laugh at the car and Xanax mix up. I am so glad Whitney is doing well. Please tell Laura that she should be OK pumping. I pumped 6 times a day for 4 months. I about went nuts, but you can do it! We'll keep Whitney in our prayers for a speedy recovery.
Laura (Theobald) and Steve Stitle