Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 5 update

(by Mike) Not much new to report today. Whitney is still in ICU and is not moving to the heart center until tomorrow....maybe...hopefully. Whitney's progress is slow and each day she improves. Her withdrawal from the sedatives seems to be going well. She is better today than she was yesterday. As a precaution they do not want to move Whitney today only to possibly have to move back at a later time.

Her lungs seem to be the reason she is not holding her oxygen saturation without the added oxygen through her nose. It may just take time. She is also not taking deep enough breaths. Again, it will probably just take time.

Anne visited her sister for the first time today. We watched Dora videos in the room and we even went on a ride on the 'train' (the Clarian monorail 'people mover' which connects Riley hospital to Methodist hospital). Anne LOVED the 'train' ride. She was a very good girl in the room, coloring, holding her sister's hand and just hanging out. Here are some pictures of Anne's visit.


Anonymous said...

Michael and Laura,
How wonderful that Anne got to visit!
Imagine Anne did love the train ride.
What a good Big Sister Anne is.
We keep praying all is going well
with Whitney and so proud of you all.
God bless you.
Love, Aunt Kathy

Anonymous said...


I can't tell you how EXCITED that Whitney is taking a pacifier and not gagging!!! I can't wait to hear how the first feeding session goes today with the speech therapist. I have been following the blogs closely and I'm so pleased how quickly she is recovering. You guys are constantly in my thoughts!

Wendy Jennings (Whitneys' favorite OT!)