Monday, December 1, 2008

Whitney's Big Day: Open-Heart Surgery 12-1-08

Above are some pictures from first thing this morning, right before surgery and below are a few pictures from Thanksgiving time of the girls.

We got up VERY early this am.....4:30 am. Whitney has been a trooper so far. We fed her last at 12:45 last night/morning. She did not cry or fuss at all about being hungry this a.m. We got to the hospital at 6:15 am and checked in. There are pictures above of our last moments with Whitney before the surgery . Laura and I feel in very good hands here. The doctors, nurses and staff here at Riley are fantastic. It is kind of a weird feeling turning your little infant daughter over to a complete stranger, but Whitney is in the right place and the surgery needs to be done.

A nurse has already stopped by twice to brief us on her surgery and status. Whitney has been sedated and her chest has now been opened. Things are underway. As the nurse was leaving to give us the update, she told us that they are hooking Whitney up to the by-pass machine. She is on her way. More to follow soon as the updates come. Way to go Whitney!


The As said...

Good luck today Whitney - you're in our thoughts and prayers!

Ellen said...

Love the hat picture. The blog must be getting lots of traffic, because it's taking awhile to load on my computer. So many people holding you all in their hearts. Can't wait to hear your voices in real time.

Anonymous said...

So glad things are going well. I'm glad you're updating the blog. I've been checking it all day. Hang in there!
Aunt Beth

Doug Bergren said...

We've been thinking about you guys today. You do have a trooper there.