Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spotlight on Maddie

If you happened to read the blog on Dec. 2nd (the day after Whitney's surgery) you know that I accidentally took Maddie's Xanax (anti-anxiety medicine) that morning and quickly fell fast asleep for a couple of hours. The Xanax does not seem to have the same effect on Maddie, at least when it comes to people visiting our house. Maddie LOVES visitors!!! She loves them too much - I do not think anyone who has come to our house has seen the calm, sweet, wonderful dog we live with. Instead, everyone sees her bark and go "looney" as Mike would say, and then we have to put her into our room with her "lampshade" on for the duration of the visit (or else risk the loss of one of Anne & Whitney's toys, of which she has ZERO interest when it is just us). Maddie has to wear the "lampshade" because of her anxiety issues involving licking her paws until they are raw and very sore. This is the reason for her Xanax - since Anne was born 2 1/2 years ago, and since Whitney arrived in late August Maddie seems to have become obsessed with licking her paws and it seems to be caused by anxiety or some sort of doggie mental disorder relating to her two new sisters (Anne and Whitney). Since starting the Xanax her paws look TONS better and she seems to be handling the adjustment to two kids just fine. In fact, I have not given her Xanax for the past couple of days and she is only minimally licking her paws - so hopefully she is on the mend!
I thought it would be nice to highlight Maddie in this blog and show our friends and family what a sweet doggie she is! Here are a couple of video clips of Maddie showing off with some of her tricks. We are also going to include a few pictures of Maddie + one of our cat, Isabelle. We also have some cute pictures of the girls we would like to share... ENJOY!

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Anonymous said...

Those are precious precious pictures!
Glad Maddie is better too.
God bless all. Love, Aunt Kathy