Sunday, March 8, 2009

Aunt Jill & Jacqui

I just realized that I did not include any pictures from all of the February birthday celebrations of Aunt Jill & Jacqui... sorry guys... here are some pictures:

Aunt Jill & Whitney

Jacqui & Whitney

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Kacey Bode said...

Hey! As always Whitney is breath takingly beautiful!! You asked about ear tubes with Ella... we are currently on our 2nd set of tubes. Ella has never had an ear infection just always had fluid on the ears. Her ears were too small to get tubes until she was 16 months old (which was really frustrating to me because I could tell she wasn't hearing correctly) even with her first tubes she still did not pass hearing tests. We just got the 2nd set in Jan and about 2 weeks ago Ella passed a hearing test for the first time in her life, YAY for me one less thing to worry about!! I really think that had I not lived in Texas at the time (or at least where in TX I lived with the doctors she had) she would have gotten tubes much sooner. The little surgery that they have for the tubes is over so quick, I think they just gave Ella a little gas to put her to sleep no IV or anything and they were in and out within 15 minutes. Ella never showed a sign of pain, and after the first set even though she didn't pass a hearing test I could tell that she was hearing so much more, and more clearly. One doctor told me that with fluid on the ears it is very much like trying to hear underwater, so obviously not good for speech development. Hope that helps : ) Good luck!