Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spread the word to end the R-WORD


Today, March 31, 2009, is the day the Special Olympics has designated as "Spread the word to end the word" day. This is a day to help spread awareness that a word that is used so casually can be very hurtful to many people, including our family. Prior to Whitney's birth I knew it wasn't "nice" to say "retard" or "retarded" but I have to admit that I have made comments such as, "this is so retarded" or something like this (not realizing at all that I was being hurtful by using this word in a negative way). I have heard many people, including myself, other family members and friends say "Don't be a retard" or "It was so retarded". It would be very easy to replace this word with "ridiculous" or "silly" or "annoying" and at the same time we would not be hurting people unintentionally.

Here are two very good blog postings about this mission to end the "R-WORD", if you have a minute please read them. Thank you to all of our friends and family who are reading this posting for stopping your use of the r-word and for spreading the word to your family and friends!
Big Blueberry Eyes
Our Unexpected Journey


The As said...

I totally admit that I too have used the "R-word" in the past. Here's to turning over a new leaf and ending using the "R-word"!

kathy.stadler said...

Dear Laura,
Yes, all my life I have been
aware of the R word and have
loathed it..because of Billy..
I found a quote that my Mom,
Grandma Helen had and I left in
Bill's house as a reminder..it went something like..."Love the Person..he is a person with all the same wants and needs as anyone else."
I have to pray not to be angry when
someone uses the R word..it is ignorance to use it..I wonder why
God did not give me disabilities,
I could have had them..I love Billy, I love Whitney..I love
you..God bless you. Aunt Kathy

Michelle said...

Thanks for the link; and no I didn't mind! My husband is the voice of reason..and I'm the emotional one! I was able to talk to him the night before the IEP, after the school psychologist called to give me the results of the testing so I would be prepared for what she was going to say in the meeting, and of course I was in tears afterwards. Joe reminded me that it didn't mean she was going to stop learning. It is a better way to look at it and put those #s they give you aside!

Ellen said...

I meant to comment on this right when you posted it. It's amazing how tuned my ears have become when it comes to those words. I think of how casually I used retard or retarded in the past. I'm not proud. I wish I could say I had an full awareness before Whitney's birth, but I didn't. I think most importantly both Grace and Julia will understand how those words hurt.

Love to Whitney and you all.

Mr. MOJO ~ Travis Brown said...

This is another great example of the power of communication. It starts with word many of us use even though we don't always see the damages it causes to people! Don't forget its not just the words, it's tone we use it and the body language that comes with it adds more damages! We must chose carefully how we communication to everyone we surround ourselves with!

Thanks for the reminder!