Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good interview & Important Message!


Unknown said...

This was a good interview and message. Hope all is going well -

Anonymous said...

Perfect timing! An upcoming movie "Miss March" is using the r-word. Hollywood did it again :(


Anonymous said...

that was a wonderful interview with
John McGinley...
(Actually we have some relatives
on the McGinty side that married a McGinley..that would take research to identify..)
Yes his message was accurate..the ones with special needs are the most
loving people in the world..they do
not attack..rather they Love and
embrace people..
What is Miss March..I am movie
illiterate..is it good or bad??
I love you..I love all of you and
am very proud of our special needs
This interview was inspiring.
Thanks. God bless all. Love,
Aunt Kathy