Tuesday, June 2, 2009


My mom was extubated sometime this evening after shift change. My sister called a little after 9:30 to give me the good news! I later talked to my Dad - he said she was feeling pretty weak but was able to talk a little bit. She is not in too much pain, they are doing a good job with the pain medicine. I feel much better going to bed tonight knowing that she is free of the breathing tube & the tube that drains her stomach - I can't even imagine how awful it would be to be aware of the tube and unable to do something about it... SO HAPPY she is doing well enough to breathe on her own, yeah! :)

Thank you again to everyone for all of your prayers and support!!!!!!!!


Ellen said...

This was the first thing I read this morning. So happy to hear the news. I hope her recovery continues to go well.

Anonymous said...

Great, great news!! I am so happy that she is continuing to do well. Please tell her that David, my mom, and I are all thinking about her! I will keep following along on your blog. :)

Laurie (Stutes)

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for keeping us updated. You make me feel like I'm right there with your mom and truth is, I am, in spirit. I am so happy that all is going well and that she had family who encouraged her to pursue this issue. Again, thank you for sending along all the info on your mom...Cathy Qualio

kathy.stadler said...

It sounds like all good news! We are very happy
for your Mom and for you!
God bless all. Love,
Aunt Kathy

Rebecca said...

Laura, I hope things continue to go well for your Mom today, and I hope that she gets transferred out of the ICU today :). She's still in our prayers.

Sarah, Andy, Murdoch, and Deucey said...

Thank you so much for all of these updates! I just read through all of them! I can't believe everything that you guys have gone through - it all seemed to happen so fast - but then again I am sure it was a very long process for you guys. I am just happy to hear that everything is going so well. I will continue to send out good thoughts for everyone in Indy.

On a separate note - Mean Mommy is one of our friends. Her husband is one of Andy's best friends that he grew up with and we see them a couple of times a year - they are a lot of fun and love her blog. Glad you found it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog, Laura. So glad that thing are going well. Hope she's feeling better soon. ,


Kristy Willadsen said...

We are so happy to hear that she is doing so well. I knew she would make it through. Our prayers continue for a full and speedy recovery:) Looking forward to more updates:) Love, the Willadsens

Kristy (Kemper) Willadsen said...

We are so glad to hear Mommy Greives is doing so well. I knew she would pull through this obstacle. Our prayers continue for a full and speedy recovery:) Love all the updates:) Love, the Willadsens

Kristy (Kemper) Willadsen said...

Oops. I'm new to this blog thing. Didn't mean to send 2 identical comments. He he he.