Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hopefully going home on Monday!

I called my Dad early this morning (Sunday) to see if we could come in the morning to see my mom and visit... he sounded tired and said that it would probably be better to wait until later in the day. Apparently my mom went into atrial fibrillation late in the afternoon yesterday (Saturday) and it was not until sometime very early this morning that they were able to get her out of "A-Fib". They are giving her medication now to help prevent this from happening again, and she will continue to take this at home while she recovers from surgery.

We went down to the hospital in the afternoon and visited for a while. This is the best my mom has looked yet! Nicole had helped her wash her hair, she was up and moving about and had even completed the walking distance necessary to be able to go home. My dad said he talked with the surgeon's nurse practitioner and it sounds like if all continues to go well, and there are no complications like last night with the "A-Fib", my mom will be going home tomorrow!

I will try to post any updates and let everyone know if she does get to go home tomorrow! I hope she does, for her sake, but also because my Dad spent the night in a chair in her room last night, because he didn't want to leave her once he knew she was having complications, and he needs a GOOD night of sleep!!!

THANK YOU so much for the prayers, thoughts, comments, etc...

Hope everyone had a good first weekend of June (how is it June already?!?!)

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kathy.stadler said...

Sorry about the problem on Saturday
and do hope all goes well and
that Mary Alice can go home Mon.
Will pray and call the Carmelites.
God bless you. Aunt Kathy