Friday, June 12, 2009

Mary Alice Update

Hi :) Just wanted to post a quick update about my mom... she has been doing well at home! Aunt Beth has been helping out a TON and hopefully my mom and dad are finally starting to feel a little more rested after a few nights in their own bed. There is no place like home!
My mom went into A-fib (click on "A-fib" to read more about it) on Wednesday night but through an increase in her medicine to help combat this, she came out of it and is feeling better today! She had an appt with her new family physician today and said she liked him. He will be helping her monitor her Coumadin (blood thinner) medication, but at this point will be going with whatever the cardiologist and heart surgeon have prescribed.
I think as the week has gone on, my mom's voice is sounding stronger and she seems to have more "life" in her when I talk with her.
Mike and I are headed to Chicago for our friend Brad Hewlett's med. school graduation tomorrow and will stop in Lafayette on the way up to see my parents! I am sure there will be a big change, since we have not seen my mom since Sunday.
Thank you for your continued prayers!!! :)


kathy.stadler said...

We pray all continues well
for your Mom.
Enjoy your friend's graduation..
how nice to have a friend
become a doctor.
John & I go to Chicago Mon & Tues
and will stay at Mary's and then
John goes to Iceland for a vacation.
Enjoy your weekend.
God bless all. Love, Aunt Kathy

Bob Naville said...

Hey Malice, Jim, support team...Glad to hear you are home and thriving! Now it's time to enjoy the slow improvement in stregnth and wellbeing! I remember sitting outside in a warm rain after my "release" from St.E ...priceless! Simple minds are easy to fascinate..I qualify! Enjoy the family, be patient and

the story of us said...

i loved taking a peek at your blog and will look more at it when i have more time! i work at the high school where your aunt beth works. i shared my blog with her, and she shared yours! you have a beautiful family and your 2 little girls are precious! i enjoyed the haircut post - my goodness does she look HEALTHY now compared to those earlier pictures! you have much to be proud of! :) i will continue to follow your journey if you don't mind! :)

Sarah, Andy, Murdoch, and Deucey said...

We are continuing to follow all of the updates on the blog - thank you for taking the time to do that! We are thinking positive thoughts and prayers and sending those out to Indiana! We are all thinking of you!

Ellen said...

I didn't have an internet connection while I was gone, so I missed this update. I hope your mom is still doing okay.

Stephanie said...

Just found your blog. We are relatively Danville, IL. DH is a Hoosier though. :) Your girls are adorable.

We will say a prayer for your Mom!