Friday, June 26, 2009

Latest news about Mary Alice

My mom was released from the hospital last night so that she could go to her appt. in Indy this morning with her heart surgeon. In addition, my sister who is a nurse in the medical ICU at the IU med center contacted a GI doctor who specializes in livers regarding the issues my mom is having with regard to her liver swelling and elevated liver #s. The doctor reviewed the information about my mom's liver #s last night and ordered an ultrasound today of her liver, following her appt. with the heart surgeon. He is going to see her on Monday regarding her liver complications, but he indicated based on what he saw when he looked over her #s that it might be Amiodarone induced hepatitis. Amiodarone is the drug my mom was on to help keep her out of A-fib. You can read more about Amiodarone here: Unfortunately, even after stopping this drug, it takes a very long time to get the drug out of your system, and it can continue to cause problems and damage. In addition to complications with the liver, it can also cause complications in the lungs, thyroid, cornea, etc... Please continue to keep my mom in your prayers! My mom will be able to be home this weekend, as it appears her heart is still healing well, despite these recent complications and it does not appear that they are able to do anything to reverse or help what is going on with her liver, at this time. Hopefully we will know more after her appt on Monday with the liver specialist.

Thank you very much for your continued prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ellen said...

So glad to read that her heart is healing well. We're keeping your whole family in our hearts. I can only imagine how stressful this has been. I hope you hear more good news on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Keeping Mary Alice in our prayers!

Rebecca said...

Glad to hear that she's got some experts on the case. Those liver guys at IU are the among the best in the US (but you know that already). Thank God for your sister! I'm so sorry to hear that the amiodarone is the likely culprit. It's such a double-edged sword with that drug. You all continue to be in our prayers!

kathy.stadler said...

I just now read your
sorry your Mom has had problems.
Will continue praying for her
and will ask the Carmelites
in NY to continue also.
God bless you all.
Love, Aunt Kathy

The As said...

Yes, glad to hear that her heart is healing well - sorry to hear about all the other complications! She's in our thoughts & prayers!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the rollercoaster ride. Hopefully things will smooth out bit now that they know what's going on. Glad that she's back home where it's easier to rest comfortably. It may take longer than expected, but I'm sure your Mom will be out golfing with your Dad soon. :)

Fawn and family

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update on your mom. I was so sorry to hear that she hasn't been feeling well. Melissa has been filling me in. Please give her our best and we will keep your mom in our prayers! We are thinking about your family.

Love, Laurie & David

Sally said...

Laura- Your blog is a blessing.We are just back from vacation so I got caught up on your mom. I am keeping her and your dad in my prayers. I know this is hard for all of you. love, sally and Tom