Saturday, June 6, 2009

Looking better every day

The girls and I went to see my mom yesterday afternoon. While we were there Tim drove up from Bloomington and as we were getting ready to leave Nicole arrived as well (and of course my Dad was there!) My mom's central line in her neck was taken out yesterday and the only "tube" remaining is a new iv line they put into her left wrist. She had already been up and walking 2X by the time we arrived and still needed to go on one more walk before the day ended.

We are getting ready to go to Anne's last soccer class/practice for the spring session and then we are heading down to Methodist to see my mom and dad. I asked yesterday if they had any ideas as to when she might be heading home - it sounds like Monday might be the day if all continues to go well! :)

Enjoy your Saturday!!!


Anonymous said...

Mary Alice,
Just a quick note to say I've finally read the whole blog (thank you Laura!), and so glad to hear all this good news. I've been praying daily for you when I take my walk. All the news sounds very good. I told Jim that I'd like to help in some way when you get home. Tell me your favorite meal, and I'd love to fix it...However, I know that your ability to eat will probably be limited. If you'd prefer a good dessert in the early days home, I'd be glad to do that too. Someone must have already offered you a gin & tanqueray :o)
Just let me know if I can help in any way...All our best, Therese & Jerry

kathy.stadler said...

Give our best to your Mom..
I am so very glad she is improving
so well.
Our prayers are with you.
God bless you. Love, Aunt Kathy

John O'Grady said...

Hi Mary Alice,
I was so glad to hear you got a laugh out of St. Elmo. He is real and he is the Patron Saint of stomach disorders. Glad to hear the nausea has subsided. St. Elmo hear our prayers!!!
Did they tell you about holding a pillow to your chest when you laugh? It helps. I remember that too from my surgeries. Your laughing because the item at hand is funny, but it isn't funny when you feel the pain. Other people don't understand that. It is hard to always have a pillow at hand though...just in case of a laugh. Continue to feel better and heal fast kiddo and know that our love, thoughts and prayers are with you, Jim and your family. Remember we are walking with you every step of the way in Spirit. We will be in touch.
John & Leo

mama T said...

Great news-Thanks! Remember- easy does for us recovering people, whatever our deal (people, drinking/drugs, spending) Works well for after surgery too! LOVE To ALL, T

Ellen said...


I hope the weekend has gone well. I check in every day (multiple times a day, really), just to see if there's anything new. I'm looking forward to more posts this week.

I hope your mom know how much we've been thinking of her and the whole family. Love to the girls too!