Monday, June 29, 2009

quick update + barbie guitar

unfortunately, my mom spent most of the weekend sick to her stomach. she is not sure if it is the new blood thinner medicine that she had to switch to because of the condition of her liver (she has to give herself shots in her stomach) or if it is the medicine for the pneumonia, but both have nausea listed as a side effect and she has been unable to eat and keep much down. she came to indianapolis today to see the liver specialist that my sister, nicole, contacted on her behalf, but unfortunately he was jam packed with appts today - so he had some labs run and took a look and found that there was some good news --- her liver numbers are getting a little better. he said that if they looked the same as last week, that he was planning to admit her to the hospital. GOOD NEWS --- no hospital today/tonight... but they will be back down in Indy tomorrow to see the liver specialist for an appt at 11 a.m. we will hopefully have more news about the condition of her liver after this appt. thank you for your continued prayers!!!

a fun side note --- some friends of ours who have a little girl about 3 years older than anne gave us her Barbie guitar that she does not play with much anymore. anne LOVES it!!!!!!! she loves it so much that she plays it quite often. mike's exact words in reference to our friend who dropped the guitar off for anne were: "That Erin is a menace!" He was joking --- but it is pretty funny ---we are pretty sure erin and bryan don't miss the barbie guitar too much :)

here is a little video of anne "playing" the guitar:


Michelle said...

I'm sorry your mom has been having these issues and feeling so sick! Hope she gets some answers tomorrow; glad she didn't have to be admitted.

Joe's parents got Kayla a Barbie guitar for Christmas - it only comes out once in a blue moon LOL I can only handle so much of "girls just wanna have fun!" LOL

Anonymous said...

Anne is a natural for music..
she can play guitar while singing
Do a Deer...yeah!
So cute!
We keep your Mom in our prayers..
please keep us informed..we pray
all gets better soon for her.
God bless you. Love, Aunt Kathy